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This is How NFT will CHANGE Esports. How will the Community Win?

July 13, 2022 VengaDragon
HypeHorizen Esports & Gaming Podcast
This is How NFT will CHANGE Esports. How will the Community Win?
Show Notes

A Q&A with Santiago Portela Fitchin CEO about Esports, Crypto and NFT and how it will impact esports and gaming. in today's episode of the No Cap Esports Podcast VengaDragon #HypeHorizen CEO talks with Santiago Portela about his NFT project Fitchin.

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FITCHIN is a Web3 Gaming Community Playground that connects esports teams, content creators and fans. This fully gamified platform allows users to be members of top team communities, compete in tournaments, buy limited NFT collections and participate in exclusive events and experiences, all while earning attractive rewards for milestones achieved and active contributions. It provides teams with all the tools to grow their following and generate new revenue streams through Web3.

Santiago Portela https://fitchin.gg/

Santiago Portela is the CEO of Fitchin, a fully-integrated gaming ecosystem designed for legacy eSports. Santiago is an established leader in banking and blockchain, with over 15 years experience leading international teams. Prior to Fitchin, Santiago held senior leadership positions at SMBC, CL Catlin and CitiBank. Santiago holds a MS in Economics from the University of Buenos Aires and MBA from Columbia Business School.

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